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March 23, 2011: This video from Misurata filmed on Wednesday appears to show  gunfire, sniper fire and a line of tanks in the city.



Cameraman: Hope you get better soon (to man on bed)

Doctor: This is one of the cases where the man was shot during the massacre of Misrata by the snipers inside one of the family houses.

Doctor: The other case is a fellow brother from egypt who was shot as well in the same manner by the snipers. We currently have alot of cases such as these who are waiting for surgery, over 60 cases.

Man in back: There is one man who got shot and the bullet is near his spinal cord.

Doctor: Alot of help is needed, whether its medical donations or general surgeons.

(cameraman wishes injured a safe and swift recovery)

Doctor: There are lot of lost cases, whereas there are other cases which need immediate surgery and some eye surgeries and spinal cord surgeries as well. These injuries call for the basic medical help in Misrata in order to save the patient’s life. Unfortunately, we don’t have alot of specialists in Misrata to help take care of these cases, such as eye or nerve specialists.

Doctor: There are also cases such as his where the patient need orthopedic surgery and follow-up surgeries as well, but there was not enough time to do that since our main goal in the first surgery was to save the patient’s life and to reduce the blood loss. We (the surgeons) do not have a balance in performing surgeries and checking up on patients, as we have priorities, and there are many injured. Our main goal is to save lives.

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Cameraman: We are now going into the other room for injured patients which have been brought to this small hospital.  For more translation

Doctor: Allow me to add something which is quite disturbing. There are cases when we didn’t sterilize (scrub in) and now we have stopped since there is a shortage in supplies and as you know we are in a war. We wouldn’t even have the time to sterilize since we receive many injured, since there are no other hospitals to accept them even on the outskirts of the city.

Doctor: Even as you can see, this is not a proper ward, but it is a hallway/waiting area for patients. This is a child who has 2 broken bones, a fracture in his leg and the other in his arm. And this case needs care and a medical team, whether it is nurses or any one working in the hospital, just so we can reach the level of care/support needed.


Doctor: There are many types of cases, such as broken bones and gunshot wounds. We have noticed that they are not using light artillery, but in fact are using heavy artillery.

Cameraman: Anti aircraft bullets

(injured youth raises his and in a victory sign while doctor is speaking)

Doctor: The problem with anti aircraft bullets is that it causes many injuries. In may cases, they were shot in the right leg and the bullet shot straight through to the left leg, destroying the bones in both legs. This even makes surgery impossible since the bones are crushed. This requires alot of time in surgery since there are many breaks in the bone which can not be fixed easily, and most of the bones are broken into small pieces, which causes us (surgeons) great distress in the surgeries. This brother here is from Syria. (motions to injured with the broken arm) He is one of the workers here in the city.

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Doctor: Even the extensions that we are using are very simple. We use what is available to us be it to keep the bones straight or just making simple extensions such as this(motions to the extension) made in workshops in the city. This helps us to make sure that the broken bones mend properly and there are many, many many cases. Currently, there are more than 80 cases on the list, which need major surgeries and Allah knows when we will be able to do these surgeries. We ask Allah for success and to help us in these surgeries.

(moves along to other patient)

Cameraman: May Allah give you patience

Doctor: As you can see most of the patients have leg injuries, either the left or right leg or both. In some cases, we have to amputate the leg (inaudbile; moves along to other patients) The most hardest surgeries are the ones with multiple wounds and the eye surgeries. As you can see this ward is crowded, and as soon as a patient is able to move, he is taken home so we may have as many free available beds and supplies for the incoming patients. And we also tell the family how to care for them at home, as we no longer are able to cope with the influx of injured and give the care needed for the patient afterwards.

Cameraman: Any last words Doctor? Would you like to add anything else?

Doctor: We are in a very disastrous state. We need urgent medical help and humanitarian efforts in this city which has a very very low amount of medical supplies and medical teams. We need more than just a hospital. We need doctors, nurses and general surgeons. Especially orthopedic, ENT and eye surgeons. We need neurosurgeons as well, and many more since we have a small number of surgeons available. We also have a shortage of beds.


Cameraman: For how many days has there been a shortage of electricity?

Doctor: There has been a shortage of electricity for the past 20 days. And there is also a shortage in water supplies. Most surgeries are performed under battery powered lights which may turn off in the middle of surgery. This is a very tragic situation we are in now.

Doctor: I ask all of you who are hearing me in these moments, to do all that they can to help us in this humanitarian situation that we are in. I just want to add one last thing. When a patient arrives at this hospital, we do not ask him which side he is on and where he is from. We just ask what are your injuries and how were you injured. But by who he was injured, we do not ask, since it is not important at the  moment since we are a pillar of humanity and it doesn’t matter where he is from and which side he is on since it is not my specialization. I am a doctor and when i became one all that matters to me is to treat the patient. I ask Allah to help us all and thank you.

Cameraman: Thank you doctor!

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