Fri. May 20th, 2022

To say that people here are disappointed with the international community’s inaction is an understatement they’re angry they’re frustrated and they feel completely betrayed and abandoned the failure of the United Nations to pass a resolution that would implement a no-fly zone people are telling us is nothing short they say of having global leaders sign their death warrants carrying both the cotati and French flags to show his gratitude to those two nations Osama Mohammed says a no-fly zone must be implemented now simply to save the people mama but they got some sháá believing momma Dee killing the Libyan people he says the world is taking so long mama is going to finish off all of Libya and there’ll be no point to a no-fly zone this regime is a bigger threat for all the world well we are defending the world peace not for us for our citizens it’s already been a month of bombardment and bloodshed if I’d actually prefer hotels us remote area this is the UN’s responsibility if the UN won’t protect civilian populations what’s the point of its existence and yes I am worried about my children he continues we’ve already seen children massacred the French flag has been hanging from the courthouse here in Benghazi since Friday when France recognize the legitimacy of the National Council people then happy anticipating that the United States would shortly follow suit talking about how they would hang an even bigger flag to thank america for its support since then they have of course been bitterly disappointed many people telling us if it’s an issue of money they’ll pay for it if it’s an issue of America fearing involvement in an Arab nation well they would be welcomed here they say that if America and the global community continues choose in action this would be a dark stain a very dark stain in history Arwa Damon Sienna Benghazi Libya.

By ahmed

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