Wed. Sep 22nd, 2021

Translation: Word for Word and Context – credits to Hafed

Supporters– [chanting] ‘Only God, Muammar & Libya.’

Saif – guys, guys, listen, listen We need high spirits [More chanting]

Saif:  Listen, listen brothers, the people have said the police force have joined the protesters, but today we will prove the opposite (Context – Saif is hinting at an idea – to equip his supporters with police clothing and request them to enter the protests undercover.)

Saif: Do you need weapons?!

Supporters reply: Yes, Yes, Yes!

Saif: One minute please, you will receive all the support, all the facilities and weapons etc. Everything will be okay, and you will be victorious.

Supporters: [Chanting] ‘Only God, Muammar & Libya.’ Oh Al Jazeera you despicable, we need no other than our leader Gaddafi’

Saif: ‘Today we’re not inviting you for rice & meat’ (Libyan saying — meaning: we mean business). This is what I want to tell you today.’

Supporters: [chanting] ‘We will show them (the protestors), ‘we will bring it back (the country back to Gaddafi’s power).’ ‘The population needs Col. Muammar.’

Saif– listen, listen, this is your country … now we shall leave, and you have all the backing. But your country [unknown word] Italians. The protesters you confront are nothing; they are bums, brats and druggies. Today brothers, Tripoli that you live in, will be cleared (of protesters).

Supporters :[chanting] With spirit and blood we support you our leader’ (Gaddafi)

Saif: I shall leave now, and I will send you weapons. Tonight I will return with more people and weapons.

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Supporters: [chanting] ‘Only God, Muammar & Libya.’

–thanks  again to Hafed for translation.

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