Mon. Oct 18th, 2021

“A Candle loses nothing by lighting another Candle”

This was Mohammed “Mo” Nabbous’s favorite quote according to one of his friends and our colleague here at These words clearly depict his dedicated efforts to ensuring that the world saw the truth about Libya.

Mohammed was the first to broadcast live from from Benghazi in the early days of the revolution. In his remarkable efforts, he became the voiceo f the  people in Libya and the eyes of the world into the country.

After capturing the world’s attention, Mo  launched the first independent internet tv station in Libya: Libya Alhurra TV. Throughout his broadcasts this past month, he was able to show the world first hand of the crimes that the Gaddafi regime was committing against innocent people. He also successfully coordinated efforts with viewers  from all around the world to get humanitarian aid to people and assisted the media’s efforts to getting information. From finding pilots and planes to fly out patients to hospitals in Egypt  and to working with key UN officials — Mohammed used  Libya Al Hurra TV as a platform to helping anyone he could.

In the last few hours of his life, Nabbous went out to investigate and  report via video  the sounds of Gaddafi forces firing missiles on Benghazi. He bravely took to the streets to get us the real story. Early this morning, he went around the town to survey the damage  of the  attacks by Gaddafi  and the death of the youngest Gaddafi victims: 4 months-old and 5 year-old children killed, while sleeping in their bedroom by a missile in the morning of March 19. Nabbous was  shot in the head by snipers soon after exposing the Gaddafi regime’s false reports related to the cease-fire declaration. Nabbous was in critical condition until he died around 3 p.m. CET. Nabbous’ wife announced his death. She said:

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“I want to let know all of you know that Mohammed died for this cause and let’s hope that Libya will become free,” Nabbous’ wife said through tears. “Thank you everyone. And let’s not stop doing what we are doing until this is over. What he has started has got to go on, no matter what happens,” she added. “I need everyone to just do as much as they can for this cause. Please keep the channel going and move every authority you have. They are still bombing, they are still shooting and more people are going to die. Don’t let what Mo started go for nothing, people, make it worth it,” she urged everyone assisting the network and the Libya cause.” Mo was twenty-eight years old. He leaves behind a young wife and an unborn child, his  first.

We cried with Mo, laughed with him, enjoyed the sights of freedom in Benghazi, and hoped with him for better days in Libya. In his most famous quote on his first broadcast Mo said, “I am not afraid to die, I am afraid to lose the battle.” We must continue on in this battle for freedom as Mo would have done if he were with us.

We truly commend his noble work and contribution to Libya and consider him one of the most influential heroes and inspirations in the Feb17 Revolution. Mohammed has lit this candle for us all to continue his message and in it he lives on… “check, check..”

God rest your soul dear friend.

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Go to Libya Al Hurra Channel TV for the archive of all of Mohammed’s reports.

This was Mo’s final report to the world:

This was Mo’s first call out to the world that changed our lives.

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